Ferguson Print + Embroidery


Ferguson Print + Embroidery recently installed a Duplo 616 Creaser Cutter. The 616 folds, creases and perforates your printed documents. Read more about the highlights of this product and how Fergusons are using it in their business. 

Ferguson Fashions Print & Embroidery in Derry has automated its finishing operation with the installation of a Duplo 616 Creaser Cutter from Neopost Ireland. 


"We were operating small hand creasers for the production of tickets and other products and it was getting busier and busier and this machine seemed to do everything that we needed," says Paul Ferguson. "It cuts, folds, creases and perforates - we do a lot of tickets and menus for takeaways so it covers a lot of our requirements on that front. We previously used hand guillotines and hand operated perforators but they were very slow so the Duplo 616 Creaser Cutter has replaced all of those smaller pieces of kit. It has been kept busy since we installed it in October 2014 so it has been a good investment."

Ferguson Fashions Print & Embroidery has been in business for 60 years. "We have been supplying school uniforms and first communion outfits for 30 years and we started our embroidery service about 20 years ago," says Paul. "We have been printing for about eight years and it has always been wide format printing – we do t-shirts, banners, posters and flyers. We are mainly poster and flyers, signs and banners, and cards and tickets printers but we also produce t-shirts. Personalised embroidered and printed clothing is a big part of what we do."


Paul says that the company is producing a lot of print work for the Republic of Ireland market. "In particular, we do a lot of work around the Inishowen Penninsula in Donegal, in Letterkenny and in schools throughout the county," he says. "We produce a lot of flags for scouts, as well as t-shirts and pens for Celtic supporters, and we also do a lot of embroidery work for the FAI and for schools in the Republic. Between embroidery and other types of print work, it doesn't stop for us, and this machine has created even more business for us."


Ferguson Fashions Print & Embroidery operates a Konica Minolta copy printer, two Roland VersaCamm models, and a large AJ740 Roland printer for banner production. "The AJ740 was supplied by Sign & Digital," says Paul. "One of the VersaCamm printers came from Expres in the UK while the other was supplied by Neopost Ireland."