Duplo develop tools and technologies for smarter working, all to reduce operational costs that drive printer’s profits…plus improving sustainable working - Request your demo now!
By automating complex, manual processes and connecting finishing solutions to the print production environment, Duplo’s goal is to help you produce more, with less. Automating manual processes and simplifying complex tasks, so that businesses can improve efficiencies, plus reduce operating times, materials, and costs.
Duplo’s DC systems are engineered to:
  • Consume less energy and reduce waste
  • Achieve more in a single pass
  • Automate processes
  • Integrate with smart technologies that report on your operational efficiency.
Our multi-finishers not just allow you to achieve 4 finishing processes in one pass, they are also a cost-effective solution because of their low energy usage. All our DC-systems, running for the entire day will cost a maximum of 91p per in energy day (based on 4 jobs over an 8hr day*).


Save on your energy bill

In a typical 8-hour day looking at 4 common jobs* (2 hours per job) a DC system can run up to 10 thousand SRA3 sheets and cost you no more than 12p per hour in energy. This is 5p less than if you were to vacuum your home for 1 hour! Click here to request a demo
Automation and simplifying complex tasks have been a priority of ours since we were established, and today we continue this with smart tools and technologies to drive efficiencies that reduce your costs and grow your profitability. Contact us today or request a demo to talk to one of our specialists about How you can reduce your energy consumption with Duplo DC-systems.
*8-hour day is based on 4 common jobs, 2hrs each; business cards A4 2pp, A5 2pp, A44pp. 20p per KWh

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