Save a fortune by duplicating high-volume generic jobs

Save a fortune on regular generic jobs. Duplicating systems offer the benchmark for productivity, economy & environmental sensitivity in high volume document duplication. With our range of duplicators you can copy a wide range of products such as cards, envelopes and photographs.

Digital Duplicators

The Duplo DP-U550 Duplicating system
Duplo DP-U550

Flexible document duplication

Flexible Document Duplication...

The DP-U550 is very user friendly with simple features such as: stacking, multiple exposure functions, print preview and...

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The Duplo DP-U850 Duprinter
Duplo DP-U850

High speed, high quality printing

Excellent Document Duplication...The Duplo DP-U850 is a high speed, high quality duplication printer that prints output...
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