Finance Available

With flexible finance options available from Neopost the sky is the limit. We can offer you the ability to upgrade your print & finishing hardware without the need for major upfront capital expenditure and without having to go cap in hand to a reluctant bank manager...

With Neopost Finance the sky is the limit...

You know you need to upgrade your hardware or invest in a new piece of kit. Unfortunately, like most print businesses your cash flow won't cope with a major upfront investment and the banks just aren't lending the way they used to. You're snookered, right?


Not any more. Neopost Ireland, a leading supplier of print & finishing equipment to the Irish market now has it's very own finance company. Neopost Finance can offer printers like you access to the latest and greatest technology from brands like Roland, Duplo, Mohr, Multigraf, Ideal and KeenCut.


Rather than having to stump up a major lump sum from your own pocket, you can rent the very best in print & finishing equipment from Neopost. Our finance options are designed to let you get your hands on the best equipment, quickly.


With manageable payments, a rental option from Neopost Finance will allow you to get your new kit when you need it and then make the new investment start paying for itself, sooner rather than later. Our flexible finance options can be tailored to suit your specific needs and when you avail of a finance agreement from Neopost, all costs are included within the lease. There is no initial down payment required and all soft costs including service, training, installation and delivery charges are all included within the lease agreement.


In the print sector this service is particularly useful. In an industry that demands ongoing investment in technology, leasing allows you to offset the risks associated with purchasing machines outright. You don't want to make a major investment in an expensive piece of hardware only for it to become obsolete as the next wave of print tech hits the market.


Neopost Finance offers Irish printers and sign-makers the opportunity to get the kit you need when you need it. It's just another great benefit of working with Neopost Ireland...but don't take our word for it:

When you are making an investment in new equipment, it's so important that you go with a name you can trust. Roland are such a brand. You know with a Roland machine, you'll consistently get the performance you expect. The flexible finance offered by Neopost Ireland was also a major draw. It allows you to quickly upgrade your kit without the need for a massive capital investment upfront. - Derek Power, Skane Print


Leasing with Neopost Finance, allows for regular upgrades to reduce obsolescence risk thus future proofing equipment investment you make in your business. It's also much easier to access than traditional forms of credit. We believe in the Irish print sector and Neopost Finance approve the vast majority of finance applications received.


Flexible, tailored finance solutions are available today across our entire range of Print & Finishing solutions. For further information please contact Neopost today on or 1850 33 44 55