Duplo UltraBIND 2000 PUR

The world's smallest closed tank PUR binder...Finish photo albums, year books, magazines, directories, instruction manuals catalogues and much more with the UltraBIND 2000 PUR...

If you are looking to grow your business, produce high value jobs, increase productivity, reduce costs and delight your customers then the Duplo Ultra Bind is the ideal solution for your business. Capable of producing impressive photo albums, year books, magazines, directories, instruction manuals and catalogues, the UltraBIND can provide your customers with a number of finishing services.

The Ultra BIND 2000 PUR is the world’s smallest closed tank PUR system with a beautiful design and heavy duty build. When you look at the PUR binder you will notice its robust and heavy duty build. Easy of use and speed are two other factors that make it a top class binder. With its touch screen PC controller the operator can customise settings according to different jobs and achieve the task set out. The speed of the UltraBIND 2000 pur is another exciting factor with 290 cycles an hour and a start-up time of just 15-20 minutes.

Duplo UltraBIND 2000 PUR

Money saver

The Duplo PUR binder is a very cost effective piece of technology. The words PUR mean patented orbital PUR system. Put simply, this means that the PUR binder is brand new technology which doesnt only apply glue precisely but is also very easy to maintain and cost effective for your business. You will save large amounts of PUR glue compared to other binders in the market./p>


Neopost want to help you add this high quality system to your finishing line...And with finance options available, you can invest in the latest technology straight away.