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Covid-19: Company Statement for Customers and Suppliers


Covid-19: Company Statement for Customers and Suppliers

During these exceptional times, Quadient is adapting to the COVID-19 situation with great diligence, and we are doing all that is in our power to provide a safe work environment for our employees and ensure business continuity for our customers and partners.

Read a personal note from our Group CEO, Geoffrey Godet

To protect our employees and our customers, the following has been put in place, with immediate effect in our Quadient Ireland offices:

An immediate travel ban for business purposes. This has been put in place since the 9th of March.

Any person visiting China, France, Germany, Italy, Iran, Japan, Singapore, Spain and the Republic of Korea (currently the worst affected countries), for work or private holidays, shall be required to work from home for a period of 14 days following their return home and may only return to work if asymptomatic. This includes both employees and any onsite contractors. 

Any person suffering symptoms such as fever, severe cough or with breathing difficulties to be advised to remain at home and seek immediate medical attention. 

Any person advised that they may be suspected of having the Coronavirus to remain at home or under medical supervision, until they have received an ‘all-clear’ from the health authorities.

Local customer and supplier meetings have been cancelled until further notice, alternative arrangements using conference calls via MicroSoft Teams, will be utilised when needed. 

Our local Management team are meeting daily, to review and make decisions based on the latest available information and recommendations.

- Ken Dowd, Senior Operations Director Quadient Ireland