Automatic trimming solution for accurate cutting precision

Neolt Electro Trimmer...

The Neolt Electro trimmer includes two rotating blades for cutting in both directions. The Neolt Electro is particularly strong with variable speed and for cutting thicker materials. The Neolt Electro comes complete with a moveable reference square, lamp over cutting area and fluorescent wire to ensure easy cutting. Fixed blade in painted stainless steel mounted on a reinforced cutting plane. The trimmings can be collected in a tray underneath or behind the machine using the rear exit. The Electro trimmer comes complete with a movable reference square, lamp over the cutting area, fluorescent wire to show the cutting line and sheet holder.

Product Highlights:

  • Includes a rotating blade automatic trimming solution 
  • Provided with a lamp over cutting area for accurate precision
  • Adjustable settings to ensure easy levelling

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The Neolt Electro Trimmer is capable of cutting in both directions, saving your business time.
Ease of use

Ease of use

The Neolt Electro Trimmer is fully automatic with little operator intervention required.


Cut a variety of materials with different substrates.

Neolt Electro Trimmer

Neolt Electro Trimmer features
  • A complete high quality solution the Neolt Electro trimmer is a great investment for your business 
  • Cut the most diverse types of media such as: photographics media, vinyl, plotter inkjet paper, polyester or polycarbonate film
  • An easy operated and productive solution for your business
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Meet Your Local Account Manager

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