A powerful flatbed cutter from COMAGRAV

The COMAGRAV DIGI is an industrial large-format flatbed digital cutter with several cutting modules and spindles. After several succesful years in the CNC routing market COMAGRAV has developed a machine that reaches the top level. The DIGI is well equipped for cutting, corrugated cardboards, packages and samples, cutting modern sandwich materials like Falconboard and Kapa. The DIGI reaches extreme speeds. The DIGI works as a router, too - it cuts hard materials with a routing spindle.

A camera system is standard in the COMAGRAV DIGI. This tool is valuable in cutting printed materials. The system searches for printmarks and modifies the cutting path to the physical print. This makes life easier for the machine operator, as the system notices any deformation.

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The COMAGRAV DIGI comes with a solid steel baseframe precisely designed for linear guideways. The 3D control system "PILOT Advanced" enables high dynamics and excellent cutting quality.
The COMAGRAV DIGI is suitable for cutting in signmaking, advertising, interior designs, POP and POS, packaging, leather working, and many industrial applications.

Interchangeable modules

Interchangeable modules

The oscillating knife cuts through a range of materials, while the U1 tangential tool can be used on a variety of functions from cutting vinyl, over-bend grooves, creasing wheel and more.
Multi functional

Multi functional

The COMAGRAV DIGI is suitable for cutting in signmaking, advertising, interior designs, POP and POS, in packaging, leather working, and many industrial applications.


The low bridge profile and servomotors provides a highly dynamic system to users.

Comagrav Digi Specifications

Comagrav Digi Specifications

Technical parameters

Working table size - active cutting area

COMAGRAV DIGI 1715/ DIGI RC 1715 1700 x 1500 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 1720/ DIGI RC 1720 1700 x 2000 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 1730/ DIGI RC 1730 1700 x 3000 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 2034/ DIGI RC 2034 2000 x 3400 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 3430/ DIGI RC 3430 3400 x 3000 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI 3450/ DIGI RC 3450 3400 x 5000 mm
COMAGRAV DIGI custom size custom
maximum thickness of material 60 mm
working feedrates max. 1150 mm/s
maximum acceleration 3000 mm/s2
resolution 0,00076 mm
spindle power 2000 Watt / 60.000 RPM or 730 Watt / 24.000 RPM
control system PILOT Advanced 3D controller
weight - kg
standard equipment COMAGRAV DIGI Rack and pinion positioning system with AC servo motors and planetary gearboxes
  Aluminium cast vacuum working table
  3 mm cutting pad on whole surface
  Emergency STOP buttons
  Camera recognition system
  Automatic vacuum zones control with pneumatic valves
  Operators table for keyboard, mouse and LCD
  DELL control PC based on Windows 7
  1 vacuum pump Becker 5,5 kW with foot switch
standard equipment COMAGRAV DIGI RC (additional to COMAGRAV DIGI) Endless cutting pad
  Front and rear cylinders for endless move of cutting pad
  Pneumatic clamps on both sides of the gantry to fix cutting pad during move
  Pneumatic bar on back side of the gantry to hold down material during move
optional equipment 2.5D and 3D routing and cutting software
  Packaging design and production software
  Professional routing spindle 730 W, 24000 RPM with dust collector and ramp
  Professional routing spindle 2000 W, 60000 RPM with dust collector and ramp
  Electric oscillating knife
  Pneumatic oscillating knife
  Pressure foot for oscillating knife
  Motorised cutting disc for textiles and fabrics
  Tangential module for universal tools U1
  V-cut tool U1
  Creaser wheels U1 (sizes S, M, L for corrugated, mini sizes 2pt, 3pt, 4pt for layered cardboards)
  Kiss-cut tool U1
  Cutting disc tool U1 (passive)
  Pen tool with pneumatic parking
  Wheel controller for precise manual movement of the plotter
  Additional vacuum pump Becker 5,5 kW
  Additional noise reduction for vacuum pump
  Automatic rolling equipment for rolls max. 3200mm
  Air set-up configuration (de-oiler, dryer, filter)
  Routing pad for vacuum table
  Starter set FLAT carbide knives 0,6mm
  Starter set ROUND carbide knives 6mm
  Starter set of tools for routing
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