Fully automatic for more clean cut output

Ideal Fully Automatic Guillotine...

The Ideal 4850 95EP Guillotine is a user friendly fully automatic powered Guillotine.  
The Ideal 4850-95EP has high operational safety which does not disturb or slow down the working process. Furthermore, the safety cutting system provides security also when the guillotine is not in operation, for instance during the blade change. An important feature of the Ideal is the EP Backgauge control allowing the user set functions and reference jobs.

Product Highlights:

  • Fully programmable with an automatic clamp and 475mm cutting length
  • SCS safety cutting system for maximum safety features and operator safety
  • Produce more clean cut output with this high class Guillotine

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Finish a large number of documents in the same way time and time again.


The Ideal 4850 95EP will help you cut large quantities of paper very quickly and safely.
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

The improved efficiency that the Ideal 4850 95EP brings has a positive impact on costs. With the reduction in man-hours needed to cut your paper, you will have recouped your investment in no time.

Ideal Guillotines cutting on demand

Ideal Guillotine features
  • 475 mm cutting length 
  • Electro-mechanical blade and clamp drive
  • power backgauge with ”EP“ backgauge control module 

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