Unique multi function creaser for digital colour print

Creasing for Digital Colour Print...

This innovative system is a highly productive solution that will digitally produce creative promotional and direct mail items. Create point of sale materials such as greeting cards, postcards and leaflets.

The DC-446 is a unique innovative and multifunctional machine. The DC-446 DuCreaser is specifically designed to meet the needs of the short-run digital colour print market, providing a creasing solution for the problem of toner/ink cracking which results when digitally printed work is folded. Offering high speeds, full automation, simple programming and up to 30 memories

Product Highlights

  • High pile suction feeder with optional perforator system, comes with 3 automated creasing depths
  • Fully programmable with a record 30 full job memory
  • Unique, Innovative and Multifunctional creaser

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User Friendly



An automatic suction feeder ensures the consistent delivery of sheets into the machine with no risk of marking. In case of digital stocks with a high level of static, an optional air knife can further assist with sheet separation and feeding.
High Productivity

High Productivity

The 100mm feed pile height is complementary to the rated speed and minimises any re-load time. The combination of this capacity along with the top feeding design, means the machine offers exceptional productivity.
User Friendly

User Friendly

The DuCreaser uses simple step-by-step set-up, assisted by illustrations on the LCD screen which guide the operator seamlessly through the process. Up to 30 jobs can production levels be programmed and stored, providing high productivity with easy recall.

The Duplo DC-446 Creaser

Duplo DC-446 features
  • automatic creasing

  • perforating and slitting options

  • applications include:

  • greeting cards, postcards, leaflets, cd/dvd inlays,¬†

  • brochures and point of sale materials

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