Revolutionary automatic saddle stitching

Saddle stitch technology with A4 landscape...

Duplo`s iSaddle Family is the only relevant Saddle stitching option in today’s market. The iSaddle family offers a wealth of features that allows commercial and digital printers to grow and improve probability of their business.


The iSaddle is the most compact saddle stitcher available in the market today. The “U shaped” ergonomic configuration and visible paper path, allows the operator to be in control of the complete production process. The whole system can be managed by a single operator. 

The iSaddle is equipped with the latest technology in saddle stitching allowing the automatic set-up of all book parameters to be accurately and precisely registered in approximately 60 seconds.

The job changeover is done without the use of any tools, any extra parts and without operator’s intervention.


  • The iSaddle has been engineered to provide the latest technology to allow for the built-in features to maximise output. It can finish up to 4,500 books per hour without operator intervention or any wawww.

Quick Set Up

  • The high speed and intelligent DSC-10/60i suction towers deliver superior performance whilst maintaining complete accuracy. Each tower of 10 bins comes with A.M.S.+ (Air Management System Plus) as standard.


  • The iSaddle is highly versatile and modular saddle system that can be re-configured and expanded as needs and demands change.

The Duplo iSaddle Stitcher

Duplo iSaddle features
  • PC Controller 
  • A4 Landscape 
  • Fully automatic set-up
  • Finish 4500 books per hour
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