March 15th, 2014

KAS Machine Case Study

CSO KAS Machine Case Study

Dave Lester manages the print room at the Central Statistics Office – Skehard Road Cork and was recently involved in the upgrading of their KAS machine.

On average the mailing output in the CSO is 750,000 per year over a number of mailing configurations. The figure can rise to 1,000,000 in certain year with peaks of production in the range of 250,000 for a 4/5 week period. The KAS machine is capable of handling DL and C5 envelopes and can fold and insert up to 7,200 envelopes per hour.  Prior to speaking with Neopost Dave outlined the problem faced within the CSO and the reason behind considering investment in the KAS machine


Reasons for purchasing…


The decision was made to upgrade our KAS machine based on the age of the recent machine we used. We had operating budget available so it was a rolling investment that we needed to undertake while budget was available. For this reason we approached Neopost with a contract’


With large volumes in mind Dave had to make sure that the upgrade of the Central Statistics Office KAS machine met some very important requirements.


Requirements of the CSO


Before investing in this new piece of equipment we had a few key requirements that are very important to the output of documents within the CSO. We needed a system that would record output, match barcodes and have a soft stop function. The soft stop function was very important as it would allow for a mail flow job to be interrupted and continue as normal after interruption and the KAS does just that’.


The speed at which output is delivered was another important factor when the CSO were considering this investment.


We are very happy with the way the KAS machine is working for us. The tender process and the installation process were all very important factors and took time to get right but we are very happy with how the machine is running now’.


Reasons for choosing Neopost…


The installation and training process for a KAS machine is a big process but with a well trained and experienced service team at Neopost we got the support we needed.


Installing a KAS machine is a big process and we were lucky to have the support of the Neopost service team’.


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