May 20th, 2014

Duplo System 5000 Case Study

Dual Print Duplo System 5000 Case Study

Dual Print are a Dublin-based print company offering a comprehensive range of pre-press, printing and finishing services. Dual Print take pride in their ability to adapt and grow in line with their clients needs. Dual Print believe in building strong, long-lasting client relationships and in order to do that you need to change and move with your clients.

This was a major part of the decision to invest in a Duplo System 5000. An increasing number of client requests involved large volume booklet-making projects and Dual Print did not want to outsource this work to other suppliers. Mark O'Byrne a director at Dual Print explains:


In 2007, we realised that an increasing number of our clients were looking for more and more booklets and other multi-page documents. With the equipment we had then we weren't able to compete for a lot of the projects we were being offered. In order to ensure that we could give our clients the service they needed we decided to look at upgrading our booklet-making equipment.


Having analysed the market and looked carefully at the options available the team at Dual Print realised that a Duplo System 5000 from Neopost Ireland, then PFE, was the way to go. Mark tells us why:


Duplo is a name you can trust and we were really impressed with the features and benefits that the System 5000 offered. It was exactly what we needed a robust, end-to-end solution that could cope with large-volumes and minimise the need for manual intervention in the finishing process.


While cost is always a major factor for printers when selecting new equipment, it wasn't the only consideration. Successful printers remain succcessful because they deliver a top-quality service to their clients, as such, they need to select kit that will continue to deliver consistent results over the course of the investment.


There were other options and other suppliers out there who were offering cheaper alternatives but we chose to go with Neopost because we knew that Duplo was a leading brand that wouldn't let us down. We were also impressed by the knowledge and approach of the lads in Neopost. They worked hard to understand exactly what we needed and they helped us to identify a configuration that would fit us perfectly...


The Duplo System 5000 is an awesome solution. This high-volume, powerful collating and booklet making system is designed to cope with fast turnaround work as well as it can with longer run production. It is a true high end system able to cope with whatever task is required of it.


The level of automation incorporated into the System 5000 means that moving from one job to another takes a matter of seconds, no matter how complex the project. Intelligent feeder control of the collator allows the System 5000 to become a variable data finishing line for true added value production. Mark and the team at Dual Print were really pleased with the investment:


It's worked out really well for us. We've produced all sorts of projects on it - product brochures, annual reports, CD inserts, voucher booklets - you name it. It's made a big difference to us. It's hard enough to get work in the print game these days, the last thing you want to do is turn it away or outsource it for a much lower margin. With the Duplo we've been able to win a lot more business.


Dual Print are just one example of how successful printers across Ireland are protecting their business by investing in new technology and equipment.

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