Laminating is an important technique and important part of the print finishing process. Laminating is a technique whereby a print is protected by multiple layers. Improve the strength, stability and appearance of your prints. A laminate can be permanently assembled by heat, pressure or adhesives. 

Laminating paper products such as photographs, greeting cards, booklets or signs can prevent them from becoming creased, folded, water damaged, smudged or marked. Other types of laminating can include UV coating and vinyl lamination. Many printing businesses keep a variety of different laminates in order to finish prints suitable for different customer requirements. 

The importance of laminate: 

  • Lamination protects fragile printed images against physical degradation resulting from abrasion, moisture and dirt. It can also significantly extend the life of your inks in the face of harsh UV exposure. 
  • Lamination makes it easy to clean the surface of prints. 
  • Lamination can be used to change the creative effect of an image. For example you can use a glossy laminate film to add 'pop' to your graphic or a matt to reduce unwanted glares. 

Neopost supply a range of Laminators that can be used on a range of small or large prints