Over many years, Neopost have sourced the best print finishing brands offering customers a portfolio of products from which they can choose from. Some of the other leading brands that Neopost work with include: 


  • Mohr: Neopost are the proud supplier of the Mohr brand of Guillotines. When is comes to cutting precision Mohr is a leading brand. Mohr Guillotines are heavy duty Guillotines but can be used in any size print house. Whatever your cutting requirements there is a Mohr Guillotine to suit your business. 
  • Ideal: Neopost are the proud supplier of Ideal Guillotines, suitable for quick and reliable cutting and finishing of prints, Ideal are top class products within the industry. 
  • Komfi Laminators: When supplying your customers with prints you want exceptional quality and prints that will last for a long time. To help you with these requirements, Neopost supply a top range of Komfi laminators capable of laminating a variety of applications. Komfi laminators are highly reliable and easy to use laminators. 
  • Multigraf: Many opportunities can be created when using a Multigraf creaser/folding solution. The possibilities for print houses are increased when working with a flexible, cost effective and efficient solution like a Multigraf creaser/folding solution. We supply a variety of products from this range that will suit small, medium and large print houses. 
  • Eurofold: Part of the Multigraf range, Eurofold folders are highly efficient folding units that can handle a variety of paper stocks. Finish exceptional prints for your customers.