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Whatever your print requirements, Neopost have a solution for your business. We offer a range of new and used equipment to suit your everyday needs. Neopost Ireland's quality product range, excellent customer service and finance options keep the company ahead of the rest offering your business a full service. 


Print Finishing Equipment 


Neopost print finishing solutions provide your business with leading edge technology to meet all your business needs no matter what size your business.
All Neopost solutions are sourced from the highest quality brands and have proved to be the highest quality solutions in many print houses around the country. 


Wide Format Printing


Understanding the very specific requirements of our customers is key to the success of Neopost. Over the years, Neopost have invested in the wide format market with the increase of point of sale selling and signage displays being used more successfully as Marketing tools across the country. Supplying Roland Wide Format technology has proved a success and we are proud to hear that our customers are highly satisfied with the technology. We supply a wide range of wide format, desktop and promotional printers to suit a variety of requirements. 




When supplying well known brands such as Duplo, Roland, Komfi, Ideal, Mohr and many more, we know the importance of having top quality supplies to keep your equipment up and running and to help your produce the best quality prints. That's why at Neopost we have put a huge amount of time and effort into sourcing on the best supplies to suit your equipment. Value for money is always important in the print market so at Neopost, we can supply you with supplies at a competitive price. 


Take a look at our range of wide format inks, papers, media, vehicle graphics and print finishing supplies by clicking here.  


Service My Print Equipment


In the print industry we know the importance of providing your business with top quality service keeping your print equipment up and running. We believe that our customers deserve more than just a great piece of equipment, we understand that printers are constantly under pressure to get printed jobs to the customer on time and that having a fully qualified service department to help with any problems is essential. 


Whether it is a piece of Duplo finishing equipment, a wide format printer or any other solution in our range, Neopost can provide you with exceptional service and support. 


Finance My Print Equipment


Investing in the latest print finishing or wide format technology is essential in order to supply your customers with a wide range of prints. For Businesses to stay ahead of the game Neopost are making it easier for you to invest in the latest technology. We want to help you grow revenue and make a greater return on your investments. 


Financing your equipment is a lot easier as Neopost offer an alternative to cash investment. Neopost will allow you to lease new equipment through our very own Neopost Finance department. Our customers choose to lease rather than purchase for many reasons: 


Free up cash flow, invest with convenience and speed, receive 100% finance and manage your equipment life cycle.