About Neographics

Neographics logoNeopost have been in business since 1924 and we have been operating in Ireland since 1979 trading primarily in office and mailroom equipment of which we are a leading Irish supplier. On the otherside of the business, we have been providing Irish industry with Print Finishing and other Graphics equipment since acquiring Dublin based company, Print and Finishing Equipment Ltd (PFE) in 2012. PFE, were the leading supplier of Duplo, Roland, Eurofold, Komfi, Drytrac and Mohr equipment, all of which are currently sold through Neographics.ie, and held a well established customer base within the print industry. This acquisition paired one of the most innovative mailroom solutions providers with the leading supplier of print finishing / graphics solutions in the country.

Our nationwide graphics team will work with you personally to find the best options for your business and provide the same local knowledge and industry experience that you would expect from a long-established player in the Irish print sector, with the added bonus the resources and support of a truly global partner.

Contact us on +353 (0) 1 6225 0900 or email info@neopost.ie