January 10th, 2014

Bordeaux Inks Case Study

Alexander Grant Bordeaux Ink Case Study

Alexander Grant Print and Design make the switch to Bordeaux Ink

Alexander Grant Print + Design is a trade-only, wide format print and finishing business based just outside Lurgan in County Armagh. We spoke to Kieran Thomas the owner of Alexander Grant Design + Print about his recent decision to begin using Bordeaux inks in place of OEM products. 


Alexander Grant Design + Print are a specialist print provider based just outside Lurgan in Northern Ireland. Primarily supplying wide-format signage and labelling solutions to the trade, we also work directly with designers and agencies at the concept stages to produce packaging prototypes and point-of-sale items used in new marketing campaigns and product trials.


Given the trade-only nature of the business, Kieran's clients really know their stuff and as such, only the best inks and other consumables will do. For that reason, Kieran's decision to start using Bordeaux inks wasn't taken lightly.


I have been using Bordeaux Prime-Eco on our Roland XC-540 for the last 12 months, initially alongside the OEM inks and now as a direct replacement inkset. I switched from OEM inks primarily from a cost standpoint, and having carefully examined trial prints from another XC-540 running Bordeaux I had the confidence to make the change over.



Obviously, cost is a major driver when considering ink alternatives and the Bordeaux range offer savings of between 18% and 20% over the OEM range. Cost, however is not the only consideration, the quality of the output is just asimportant. Kieran told us that he has no worries on that score:



The quality of Bordeaux ink is equal to OEM in every respect. I have compared the pigment quality, drying times and scratch resistance of Bordeaux and really can't tell the difference – more importantly my customers are happy with the finished product and so far – touch wood – haven't had any issues.


On top of cost and quality, ease-of-use is another important requirement for any print professional considering a new ink. Often, the hassle of switching can make alternative inks unattractive. Thankfully, that's not the case with Bordeaux inks. Kieran tells us about the benefits of Bordeaux in this regard:


The inks perform in the same way as OEM and use same ICC profiles so there has been no additional work or set up required to change over. No need to flush the system, just swap out empty OEM inks with Bordeaux until you have a full replacement inkset.


All in all, Kieran is really pleased with the switch he has made to Bordeaux inks:


I hope to continue using Bordeaux inks for the foreseeable future. I would recommend Bordeaux inks without any hesitation. I'm glad I made the switch and very happy with the quality so far. I've been able to reduce costs on by 20%, without compromising quality.


If a quality-conscious, trade-only company like Alexander Grant is happy with the results, you can rest assured that Bordeaux inks deliver consistent results in even the most demanding print environments. Alexander Grant Design + Print is just one of the many printers who are recognising the benefits of Bordeaux inks as an affordable alternative to more expensive OEM products.

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